The Association can offer many different volunteering experiences for you.

Become a Trustee

Trustees are the people responsible for ensuring that the association has a clear strategy, that it remains true to its original vision, and that it complies with all necessary rules and legal obligations. Collectively, trustees are known as the board and they have a number of formal roles and responsibilities, which include appointing key people and keeping a check on the organisation's finances and activities. Being a trustee is an incredibly important role and we welcome individuals from any background.

Trusteeship is a great way to make a significant difference. As a respected and responsible role, it is also a brilliant route to developing new skills, gaining more experience and getting involved with new networks.

Boomerang - administration work or help with toys

Want to make a difference but are restricted to being at home well we can help! At Boomerang we have a vast number of toys that go on hire. Upon the return of each one it needs to be cleaned before it can go back in to circulation. Can you help us with this?

Good at administration? Great! Come and talk to us about how you can help us to reach more people.

Let's Play Together - play scheme play worker

We need enthusiastic team players to join our schemes and help look after children. Although you have to help with the arts and crafts you don't have to be good at them - that's the childs job! Come and play with the children and have fun!

Please Click contact us if you are interested in any of the above opportunities. We would love to hear from you.